With Bears We Care

The Bearing Hope Foundation™ "With Bears We Care" program focuses on bringing unconditional love, reassurance, security and companionship to children going through a traumatic event by giving them their own Beary friend. Many adults can remember those memories from their first or own Teddy Bear they loved so much as a child. As we enter a new time with computers and devices, its important for us to remember that whenever we got scared as a child, we always knew we could turn to your Mr. Cuddles for support.

Giving Back for Life — Coming Soon

The Bearing Hope Foundation™ "Giving Back for Life" program focuses on financial support to families of Front-Line Workers who have been efforted by the loss of a loved one by Suicide. Understanding the emotional and mental stress in which front line workers experience, they give their lives in support to help others. Realizing that the act of suicide can cause a situation or state of affairs that would require a trained company to come in to assist in the cleanup. This burden of financial hardship for the cleanup could further hinder the stages of grieving. This is why The Bearing Hope Foundation™ has created a program to help with the financial burden of the cleanup.

Status of a Scholar — Coming Soon

The Bearing Hope Foundation™ “Status of a Scholar” is a scholarship based program that is designed to help deserving individuals with financial support for their education. Their love of learning, future plans and goals in Public Health drives advancements and support in the field, helping our communities as a whole.

Connect with your community and help make it a better place, The Bearing Hope Foundation is always looking for volunteers.

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